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Official Endorsements for Michelle Ialeggio for Judge - Seat #36

This page lists Michelle Ialeggio’s official endorsements for Superior Court Judge – Seat #36.

Michelle Ialeggio is one of the finest trial attorneys that have appeared before me. She is smart, professional and honest. I am honored to have her run for my seat on the San Diego Superior Court” – Honorable Harry Elias, San Diego Superior Court Judge



Bipartisan Endorsements:

San Diego District Attorney Summer Stephan

San Diego Public Defender Randy Mize

San Diego City Attorney Mara Elliott

Sheriff Bill Gore

Congressman Juan Vargas

California State Assembly Member Todd Gloria

Monsignor Steven Callahan (Father Steve)

Toni Atkins, President pro tempore of the California State Senate

The Honorable Ron Roberts, Supervisor, San Diego County (retired)


Organizational Endorsements:

California Women Lawyers

Tom Homann LGBT

Crime Victims United

San Diego and Imperial Counties Labor Council

Lawyers Club of San Diego

San Diego County Democratic Party

Lawyers Club of San Diego

La Raza Lawyers San Diego

Pan Asian Lawyers of San Diego

Korean American Bar Association San Diego

Filipino American Bar Association San Diego

The Lincoln Club of San Diego County

The Sycuan Band of the Kumeyaay Nation

Southwest Regional Council of Carpenters, Local 619

Latino American Political Association (LAPA) of San Diego 

San Diego and Imperial Counties Labor Council

San Diego Democrats for Equality

San Diego Family Law Bar Association

United Association of Plumbers, Steamfitters & HVAC, Local 230

Run Women Run


Law Enforcement

San Diegans Against Crime

San Diego Deputy Sheriff’s’ Association

San Diego Police Officers Association

San Diego Deputy District Attorney’s Association

San Diego Police Chiefs’ and Sheriff’s Association

California Police Chiefs’ Association

San Diego County Probation Officers Association

San Diego District Attorney Investigators Association

Escondido Police Officers Association

National City Police Officers Association

El Cajon Police Officers Association

Coronado Police Officers Association

La Mesa Police Officers’ Association

Oceanside Police Officers Association

PORAC, Police Officers Research Association of California: San Diego and Imperial Counties Chapter

San Diego Harbor Police Officers Association

Carlsbad Police Officers Association

Chula Vista Police Officers Association 

Fraternal Order of Police, San Diego Chapter


Judicial Endorsements:

Honorable Harry Elias

Honorable Fred Link

Honorable Dan Link

Honorable Joan Weber

Honorable Yvonne Campos

Honorable Herbert Exarhos

Honorable Matthew Brower

Honorable Brad Weinreb

Honorable Lantz Lewis

Honorable Rachel Cano

Honorable Loren Freestone

Honorable Katherine Bacal

Honorable Jeffrey Fraser

Honorable Frank Birchak

Honorable Dwayne Moring

Honorable Laura Halgren

Honorable Keri Katz

Honorable Desiree Bruce Lyle

Honorable Marcella McLaughlin

Honorable David Rubin

Honorable Melinda Lasater

Honorable Charles Rogers

Honorable Bonnie Dumanis (retired)

Honorable Margie Wood

Honorable Amalia Meza

Honorable Michael Groch

Honorable Rod Shelton

Honorable Kimberlee Lagotta

Honorable Kelly Mok

Honorable Wendy Behan

Honorable Frank Brown (retired)

Honorable Peter Gallagher

Honorable Polly Shamoon

Honorable Adrienne Orfield

Honorable James Simmons

Honorable Timothy Casserly

Honorable William Wood

Honorable Robert Amador

Honorable Cynthia Freeland

Honorable Gary Bubis

Honorable Marian Gaston

Honorable David Brown

Honorable Saba Sheibani

Honorable Kathleen Lewis

Honorable Aaron Katz

Honorable Cindy Davis

Honorable Julia Kelety

Honorable Olga Alvarez

Honorable Robert Longstreth



“Exceptionally Qualified”: Presently possessing exceptional professional ability, experience, competence, integrity and/or temperament indicating an exceptional ability to perform the judicial function – San Diego County Bar Association


“I am proud to endorse Michelle Ialeggio for the San Diego Superior Court. As a Deputy District Attorney Team Leader, Michelle is a powerful advocate for victims of domestic violence, sexual assault, and sex-trafficking. She is known in the legal community for fairness, integrity, and an impeccable work ethic. I’m especially appreciative of Michelle’s work as a director on the boards of Lawyers Club of San Diego and California Women Lawyers, organizations that promote the advancement of women in the law. San Diego will be well-served by having Michelle on the bench.” – Mara Elliott, San Diego City Attorney


“I have known Michelle for over fourteen years and was fortunate enough to have her as a colleague in our Family Protection Division at the San Diego DA’s office from 2010 until I retired in March 2018. During my 40 year plus career as a lawyer both back in UK and since 1991 in California I have worked alongside many attorneys. Michelle is one of the brightest and best. I have watched her in trial. I have seen her evaluate cases and have observed her as an instructor. She is not afraid to take on the toughest of assignments. Above all Michelle is honest, hard working and fair. Those qualities will serve her well for the future and I cannot think of anyone who is more suitably qualified to become a judge of the San Diego Superior Court. I am proud to endorse Michelle Ialeggio for judge.” –Paul Greenwood, Deputy San Diego District Attorney (retired), former UK Solicitor admitted to the Supreme Court of England & Wales 


“We believe your experience, integrity and demonstrated dedication to law enforcement makes you deserving of our endorsement.” -Deputy Sheriff’s Association of San Diego County


“…CVU is a bi-partisan, statewide organization comprised of victims of crime, law enforcement officials, legal professionals and others who work to protect and enhance public safety. These professionals, along with CVUC, work to promote effective crime reduction measures and strengthen the rights of crime victims. Based on your strong philosophical support for our issues, we have unanimously endorsed your campaign.” -Crime Victims United


“Based on your legal experience as a trial attorney and supervisor role in the Family Protection Unit of the San Diego District Attorney’s office, we believe your judicial temperament, intelligence, ethics, courage and integrity are in accord with what SDAAFE promotes.” – San Diego Asian Americans For Equality (SDAAFE).


“We seek to endorse candidates who exhibit qualities integral to the pursuit of justice: integrity, impartiality, and equity. We are confident that [Michelle] Ialeggio…possess these qualities and also support the mission of and values of Lawyers Club.” – Lawyers Club of San Diego


“We are confident you will serve the community with integrity and honor.” Dolores Chavez, Latino American Political Association (LAPA) of San Diego


*Titles are for identifying purposes only.

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